Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CBRF?

A CBRF is any living facility where five or more adults (unrelated to the administrator or licensee) reside in which care, treatment or services above the level of room and board but not including nursing care are provided to residents as a primary function of the facility.

How many residents can reside at Prospect Heights Community Living Center?

We are licensed to serve 56 adult residents age 18 and older who are ambulatory or semi-ambulatory and mentally and physically capable of exiting the facility without any help of verbal or physical prompting.

What is the criterion for placement at Prospect Heights Community Living Center?

You must carry an emotional or mental health diagnosis, Prospect Heights Community Living Center will also consider for admission individuals who along with an emotional or mental health diagnosis are from the following client groups: advanced ages, developmental disability, alcohol/drug dependent, correctional clients and/or terminally ill. Persons with a history of traumatic brain injury may be admitted if they do not have any special needs relative to the brain injury.

What services do Prospect Heights provide?

Prospect Heights Community Living Center provides personal care, supervision, (24-hour awake staff), leisure time activities, community activities, family and social contacts, communication skills, health monitoring, medication administration, behavior management, information and referral, and  transportation, in addition to  the above Prospect Heights Community Living Center provides private and semi-private sleeping accommodations, three nutritious meals per day plus healthy snacks, housekeeping services, laundry services, and personal hygiene items.

Do you accept Medicaid/ Medicare as a funding source?


Does Prospect Heights have a referral/funding source?

We accept referrals from different social agencies in Racine and surrounding communities.

Who qualifies for residency?

Prospect Heights admits residents who are ambulatory (able to walk) or semi-ambulatory and who carry an emotional or mental health diagnosis. We will consider admission of residents who are also advanced in age, have developmental disabilities, addictions, and/or are terminally ill.

Prospect Heights does not admit or retain individuals who intentionally or unintentionally present a danger to property, themselves, or others. Those who are confined to a bed for long periods or who regularly require more than three hours of nursing care a week do not qualify for residency. Other serious chronic medical conditions such as total incontinence, requiring a feeding tube or complex dietary needs may disallow individuals from living at Prospect Heights. Residents of Prospect Heights must demonstrate a certain level of independence and self-care.

Prospect Heights does not deny admission based on race, national origin, sex, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

Who administers program services?

Program services are provided by the administrator, assistant administrator, program director, nurses, and resident assistants. Our care staff includes a mixture of full time and part time positions totaling 14 employees. Our support staff, who handle such services as administration, maintenance, cleaning, cooking, and transportation, adds an additional 7 employees.